Belize November 2013

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This was a great trip!

In total, there were 27 people that spent the week of Thanksgiving in beautiful San Pedro on Ambergris Key in Belize. The water was warm (82 degrees). The visibility was great and the reefs were healthier than the last time we saw them! We saw wild dolphins on 2 separate dives, fed the nurse sharks on 2 more dives, took a trip to the Blue Hole and went diving on Long Key and Half Moon Key and also visited the Bird Sanctuary there. The crew (Israel, David, Patrick, Ivie & Abraham) took good care of us on our dives. We will put video on YouTube. Search for "scubaharold".

The trip almost had a disastrous turn of events before it started! Three months before our departure date, the resort we had booked, Ramon's Village, had a massive fire that destroyed 75 percent of the rooms and all of the office, restaurant and bar. The next day, we were able to move our reservation to the resort next door, Sunbreeze Hotel. We were lucky that we were able to find 15 rooms at the same place! The hotel was very nice and their restaurant (Blue Water Grill) is in our humble opinion the best on the island.

Instead of being split up onto 3 small boats, we were able to dive together as a group (split up into 3 dive groups each with its own dive leader) on one large boat. We had close dolphin encounters on 2 of the dives (video on YouTube shortly- search for "scubaharold"). We also were able to participate in 2 nurse shark feeding dives, where the divers were able to rub, pet, caress and even hold the docile creatures (they were just like puppies!). 

We took a trip to the Blue Hole where we did 3 dives and visited a Bird Sanctuary. The first dive was in the Blue Hole itself where we went down to the stalactites and stalagmites at 130 ft. On the way back up, the grey reef sharks were cautiously curious cruising past. The next dive on Half Moon Key had some incredible creature encounters- Queen Trigger, turtle feeding, 6 ft green moray who wanted to eat the dive leader's noise maker, tarpon and barracuda. After a lunch on the beach, we were able to visit the Red-footed boobie and Frigate bird sanctuary. They are completely unafraid of man, so they did not fly away when we were within 3-4 ft of their nests. This was followed by a dive on Long Key where we saw some spectacular reefs.

One night dive with stingrays and nurse sharks. Enjoyable evenings including the "chicken drop" on Thanksgiving. First we went to a local restaurant on the beach (they are almost all on the beach) where we dined on lobster and filet and then to El Caliente where every Thursday evening they have a series of sporting events where you bet on which square the chicken will poop. After all the squares have been sold they have an elaborate ritual where the chicken is finally released and the person that selected the winning square collect their $$ after cleaning the lucky "drop". 

The last day we broke up into groups. Some went to the mainland to see the ruins, others spent the day by the pool and a few of us rented golf carts and explored the island. When we weren't trying to "fix" the perfectly good cart which had been taken out of gear by the driver, we had a blast zipping around the south end of the island looking at the mansions and new hotels under construction. We also stopped at a local bakery and had a tasty snack.

Thank you to everyone that made this trip a lot of fun: Rich & Cyndi, Chris & Wendy, Beckie & Bill, Sue & Orest, Greg & Judy, Tom & Esther, Alex & Kerry, Tom Sr & Tom Jr., Brett & Ryann, Laurie, Leah, Brenda, Al, Dean, Tina, Jim, & Brian. We hope you join us on another trip soon!


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